Giant Game Night

September 29, 2014.

Board Game Program.

~10 teens attending

Board games and snacks.  A pretty low effort affair.

The kids became a lot less interested in the games when they realized that we were going to let them do pretty much anything with the game pieces.  We have a giant Jenga set so the kids used the jenga pieces to built forts and buildings, so they could start fictional wars and countries.  I was pretty cool on it, since they focused more on building fots than throwing stuff at each other.


Duct Tape Tablet Case

Date:  August 10, 2014

Crafting Program

Tablet Case

~15 kids attended

So this was a program that I did a while ago, during the summer time.  I did the craft before hand and it didn’t seem so difficult when I did it, but I had some trouble conveying the instructions to my kids.  Because the group was large, I often had to go to smaller groups of kids to help them fix their mistakes or reexplain the instructions.

If I were to redo this program, I would try to better prepare myself on how to explain the craft to the teens, so it would be easier for them without having to do the whole one-on-one thing.