Duct Tape Lanyard

November 12, 2014.

8 teens

crafting program

Even though I was hoping for larger turnout, it was really nice to work with a small group of kids.  We did a quick craft, the duct tape lanyard.  I assumed it would take us longer to do, since my other duct tape craft took the kids a lot longer than it took for me to do, but for this program, my kids did it quicker than I did.  I talked to them about different duct tape crafts they’ve done in the past.

With the extra time that we had, the kids did a bunch of other duct tape crafts.  It was really fun listening to them talk about their craft experiences.  A few of them even helped each other with their crafts:  one boy, JT, helped out another, Nicholas, make a duct tape bag for a good fifteen minutes.  I was really pleased to see them collaborate and create.

I think if I were to do another duct tape craft, I’d try to do another quick one, so the kids can have some spare time to do free crafting.  Or I’d try to develop a duct tape makerspace so teens could do it on their own time.