Library Lock-In

Friday, July 1, 2014.

~85 teens attended

So this is a huge yearly program that is very popular in town.  We regularly have 80+ kids attending.

Since this happened a while ago, I won’t really go into significant details.  It’s probably the largest scale single night program that we do.  It’s a fun night for teens, where they come to the library after we close and they stay until midnight.  We have games, snacks, movies, crafts, karaoke.

In the future, I’d try to figure out a better way to wind down the whole program.  We usually play a movie as we corral the kids at the end of the night, but it’s always kind of dud, since they’re already keyed up on ice cream and candy and won’t pay attention to the movie.

Before I started working, they tried to hire a DJ to refocus their energy.  Apparently, it was very awkward and probably worse than the movie.  I could see that, since it’s a bunch of 6 – 12th graders, who didn’t sign up for a school dance.